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About the Community Health Plan

We’re extremely excited to announce that the Chamber will be offering its member businesses a great new benefit launched at the beginning of 2022. Our Chamber has partnered together with other Chambers of Commerce across the state of Kansas to create the Chambers of Kansas Community Health Plan. With the rising cost of healthcare, it can be difficult for small local businesses to offer their employees health insurance--and definitely affordable health insurance. This health plan, however, is specifically designed to diminish cost for its participants and maintain its cost sustainability over the long term. This plan is not designed to be an income-generator for the Kansas Chambers involved but is instead designed to best serve its local communities and the businesses and employees within them. Access to the plan will be available to Kansas businesses who are current Chamber members, along with their employees.

To see an overview of the plan, how it will work and what it will cover, click the button below. 

More About the Plan

The recording below includes more detailed information about the plan, as well as a Q & A time held with local communities. 

Timeline of the Plan

The Chambers of Kansas Community Health Plan is set for an effective coverage date of January 1, 2022. The general timeline of the events leading up to that effective date are outlined below.


9/1 - 9/14 : Health questionnaire period

9/15 - 10/15 : Initial underwriting period

10/18 - 10/29 : Disclose initial rates and enrollment link. 

11/1 - 11/5 : Underwriter reviews census change and confirms rates. If any rate changes based on census change, confirm those rates and enrollment with employers who have the option to say yes or no at this time. 

11/8 - 12/3 : confirm any and all underwriter criteria. 

12/6 - 1/1 (coverage effective date) : CPM (program third party administrator) prints, prepares, and mails benefit packages to participating employers. 



Interested in enrolling in the Chambers of Kansas Community Health Plan? A digital enrollment form is available for individuals to fill out by clicking the enrollment form below.



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