Iola Area Chamber of Commerce Membership Benefits

The money is a big investment and we at the Chamber of Commerce realize that! The biggest reward for joining the Iola Area Chamber of Commerce is the NETWORKING possibilities! Enjoy participation in:

  •  Chamber Gatherings
  •  Workshops
  •  The Annual Business Expo
  •  Chamber Ambassador Club

Why be a member of the Chamber?

When you become a member of the Iola Area Chamber of Commerce, you become part of the city’s largest coalition of businesses.  Together, we work to foster growth in the Iola economy, creating a better business climate and a higher quality of life in this well recognized and  highly motivated community.

The Chamber is made up of people just like you who realize that through Chamber membership, they can accomplish together what no one person or business can do alone.  There is more to Chamber membership than community involvement.  The Chamber also provides services to help you grow your business.

The Chamber can be your resource for demographic information, networking events and contacts which can result in new clients and increased business.

Chamber Membership can open doors for you and your business

A partnership with the Iola Area Chamber of Commerce gains exposure for your business in the Iola community as well as all of Allen County.

The Chamber’s goal is to make the Iola area as strong as possible!

Located on the crossroads of U.S. Highway 54 and U.S. Highway 169, Iola and the nearby areas have plenty of opportunities for unique exposure and clientele!

The Iola Area Chamber of Commerce works closely with city, county and state governments to see that Iola has the best opportunities for growth and expansion.

Helping Your Business Avoid Crime

The Iola Area Chamber of Commerce is one of the first entities to be contacted when a bad check, counterfeit money, stolen funds or credit cards are being used for purchases in our area. We work with the County Attorney's Office Bad Check Program.

Economically Enriching The Iola Area

The Chamber Buck program offered by the Iola Area Chamber of Commerce is an economic development program.

The special “bucks” are purchased at the Chamber office and those “bucks” can be spent as cash at Chamber member businesses only.

Those participating businesses then redeem them for their face value by returning them to the Chamber office.

Many thousands of dollars are circulated each year through the Chamber Buck program!

Marketing Opportunities Abound

A variety of special marketing opportunities are presented to Chamber investor businesses.

Advertising in newsletters, promotional space at special events, envelope sponsorship opportunities and your business inserts in Welcome Packets given to new residents to the area are only a few of the marketing opportunities offered to Chamber members.  All free to you or at a low reasonable cost.

In March the Chamber has an annual Chamber EXPO in which Chamber businesses are showcased!

The Expo is free to the public and is heavily advertised to ensure a good turnout.  Thousands of people come to Iola to experience what Iola has to offer.

$500 in EXPO Bucks are awarded on Saturday!

$500 in EXPO bucks are awarded to individuals who must in turn spend them with an EXPO exhibitor.

Your business is guaranteed a chance to have one thousand dollars worth of sales just by participating.

Your Chamber business has the opportunity to shine by utilizing a booth at the EXPO!

Food is included at the EXPO to enhance customer involvement.

Business Referrals

The Iola Area Chamber of Commerce is much better than a yellow page listing.

Every week more and more customers contact the Chamber office when looking for businesses and especially services rather than using the phone book or calling information!

We gladly refer our Chamber member businesses!

We hand out thousands of Iola information packets and brochures which include your business and services.  The literature  and information given out at the Chamber office is a valuable resource to all area citizens, businesses and organizations. Chamber members may submit ads and promos to be placed on the "Get Iola" Facebook page.

Networking Possibilities

Your membership to the Chamber will help you to obtain referrals as you get to know and work closer with other Chamber business owners and managers.

The biggest reward for being a Chamber member is the networking possibilities.

Chamber members will tell you of how their business has grown by leaps and bounds after joining and becoming involved in the Chamber.

Serving on the Chamber board gives you an opportunity to help make decisions as to what programs and activities are held in Iola!

Your fellow members will refer you as well as support you and share ideas.

There is strength in numbers!

Every month or so a Chamber member volunteers to host a “Business After Hours” social.  This is a great way to network with other Chamber members and they are fun!

To host a Business After Hours social a Chamber business opens up their doors to Chamber members after hours and may offer a light snack, door prizes and tours of their business.  The Business After Hours socials are usually very well attended.

The Chamber office does all it can to help you get the word out.   We can supply you with a Chamber membership mailing label list so the host business can send out invitations.  On the day of the Business After Hours social the Chamber office makes reminder phone calls and sends reminder faxes to help ensure a good turnout.

Members are shocked and surprised to find the services and goods available in the other businesses!

There is no better way to promote your business than to have people inside looking around!

The Chamber Ambassador Club offers their services to help with Ribbon Cuttings, Anniversaries and Grand Openings.

Having a Ribbon Cutting is free to the businesses and an opportunity to get some coverage in the local newspaper.

What a great way to let people know what your business is doing!

Newsletters are published  and are mailed or emailed to the Chamber membership businesses to help keep members up-to-date about issues in the Iola area, the county or in the state.

The Chamber submits a newspaper column to the Iola Register called “Chamber Musings” and a radio spot is aired on Saturday mornings on KIKS Radio called “Chamber Chat”.

Both are informative current event reports concerning Chamber businesses and Chamber activities.

A weekly newsletter is e-blasted.

Are you ready to let Chamber membership be a step in the right direction for you and your business?


The Iola Area Chamber of Commerce
208 West Madison Avenue
phone:  620-365-5252
fax:  620-365-8078